The Royal Family is a Family Of Vampires That descended From Royal Blood The Daughters and Sons Descended from Kaname & Akasha's Blood at birth and because Kaname Being The Head Of The Vampire Society and Akasha being a war hero and one of the three dark lords she was Know as "Nosferatu" (a name that means "living corpse", a reference to her regeneration ability.And Kaname And Akasha Made Castle Around The World The Two Main Kingdoms Are Kanaemasa,& Moon Kingdom.
The Royal Children

The Royal Children

The Beginning Of The Royal Children Edit

On May 8 The King And The Queen Announced The Arrival The First Daughter Princess Moka Akashiya kuran.After Four Months On October 16th The Second Daughter Yuno Akashiya kuran Was Born and Announced to The Vampire Society as The Second Princess.Around The Age 14 Yuno Was Crowned as The Winner of The Survival Game And Was Crowned God of Space & Time. Before Yuno Turn 14 and Was Crowned God Of Time & Space. After A Year Passed and Six Months Later On July 26th Kanade Akashiya kuran Was The Third Child to Be Born Along With Her Two Month Behind Sister Know as Yuri Akashiya kuran .Yuri Is the Fourth Princess to The Royal Family
The Royal Children Young

The Royal Children Young

The Royal Children Do SchoolEdit

The Royal Children Attend School Like The Other Noble Aristocratic Vampire In Their School Before The Royal Children Had Their Powers Sealed A live Normal Human Life's The Royal Children Are Very Respected By Their Classmates and At School Some of The Royal Children Made A Student Council The Were Like The Half Ruler Of The Because Their Royalty And Their Aunt Yuki Kuran Is The Adoptive Daughter Of The Headmaster Kaien Cross. One Day A lot of Vampire Robbers Came Into The school The Daughters Fought The Robbers With Essy and And When The Parents Came to Pick UP Their Children The Teacher Announced That The Royal Children Fought Off The Robbers and They Were Glad To Have The Royal Family At Their School.

The Pandora Princess & The Limiter PrincesEdit

Akasha Sent Her Daughters To Some Genetics To Became Pandora They Take The Pandora compatibility Test Most Of All Of The Daughers Were Compatibility For Four Five Or Even Six or Eight.But The Daughters That Really Were Amazing Were The Plasma Stigmata Users,The World Strongest Pandora,Their Ranks,High Skills,The Anti Nova Users ,Transcendent Pandora And Heroic Stigmata User.Everyone in The Vampire Society Loved Kazuha and Her Pandora Sisters.Kazuha Was The Hero Of The 8th Nova Clash she More Stigmata Than Her Genetics Sisters She Had a Total Of 20 stigmata in her body she Respected A lot By The Pandora's.The Transcendent Pandora Were Speical To Because They Could grown stigmata light wings and their abilities became more powerful.The Anti Nova Users were respected as well the anti nova volt weapon user were respected because that was the first volt weapon to came the real one was made and the stigmata was made by one person Maria Akashiya Kuran or Known as Maria Lancelot the mother of all Pandora,Roxanne & Chiffon were people who inherted anti nova volt weapon.The world strongest Pandora are five Unique Gifed Pandora And Really Cassie Akashiya kuran or Cassie Lockheart known as godspeed of the east and Roxanne the immortal or Zombie.

Royal Birthday Party's Edit

As Children Of The Royal Family They Celebrate Birthday With The Whole Noble Vampire Society Everyone In The Royal Family Celebrates This Day Every Child In The Royal Family Celebrate Their Birthday This Way And Everyone Also Celebrate The Birth Of A New Daughter Or Son Or Twins.The Girls and Brothers Have Secret Party Just Them Then They Through A Big Party For Celebration.On A Daughters Or Sons 17th Birthdays Their Moon Well Become Red And Their Eyes Will glow Red Which Means The Baptism Ritual Has Been Completed & The Daughter or Sons Has Become A True Member Of The Royal Family

The Royal Family's ResponsibilitiesEdit

As The Royal Family The Children and Their Parents Kaname & Akasha They Have To Make Sure That Order Is Preserved Through Out Their Country.The Royal Children Responsibilities Are Take Hearing From The People. The Daughters Go To Party's or Meetings or Even Interviews With Press To Go On The Behalf Of Their Family.

The Gremory ClanEdit

The Gremory Clan is One Of The Remaining Devil Clans Of The 72 Pillars and One Of The Highest Ranking (Ranking At Duke) and Famous Devil Families.Only Few Of The Daughters & Sons Are Devils. In The Underworld Rias Akashiya kuran Is The Next Heir To The Gremory Clan

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