The Bund is kingdom that princess Mina made for vampire travelers to rest their wings and

About the bundEdit

The bund is a place where all vampire can live in peace Mina Akashiya kuran aka princess Mina.mina is the first person to make the kingdom and she is the

Queen of all vampire she is 400+ years old she looks very young but she is ruler that has back bone.

The vampire bund

about the ruler of the bundEdit

The ruler of the vampire bund is Mina Akashiya kuran she is nice person but when it comes to a battle she is ready to fight she is a strong leader how can ruler her kingdom on her own same of her sisters have there own kingdom her first kingdom that she had was her home were all of her sisters lived it was call the moon kingdom.Then when her older sister serenity with her daughter chibiusa her niece they had a kingdom call crystal Tokyo some of her sisters went her sister alita she went some were and made her own kingdom and so did the sisters.

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