Slumber is What Everyone in the Royal Family including the King & Queen Enter every 7 Years When the Family is in Their Slumber their Aunts Venelana & Alicia & Some times Shuri Look over their house we'll their sleeping.
Tohka Slumber

Tohka in Her Slumber Area

The Very First SlumberEdit

The Very Slumber Began with Daugters around age 8 & 9,Moka Started her very first slumber at the Age of 8 along with her parents & Every Daughter entered Slumber even Some sons but mostly Daughters.Once all the daughter entered Temporary slumber Akasha & Kaname were working on how the daughters could live in the human world,that is when Akasha came up with The Rosario Cross that would seal Moka and her sisters Shinso & Pureblood Genes away & not have to sacrifice one of them selfs to cast a spell like Juri did Yuki.Once That was finish Akasha & Kaname Had Entered their Slumber as Well.

The Slumber WorldEdit

Each Daughter has Their very on type of Slumber camber aura the sleep & each daughter as specific night dress the wear when they are in there own slumber.The Princesses Slumber area are decorated by their personality & such Example: Rias Slumber area takes the form of a dark beach with a dimensional blue colored Sky.Not all The Daughters slumber in a dimensional space some slumber in a incubator Example:The Legendary Pandora, Unlike the daughters who enter their slumber than can wake up on their own the legendary Pandora can't only their parents can wake them up.

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