The Shinso Vampire

The Shinso Vampire Sisters

 Shinso Vampire Are Vampire That Kill The First Shinso Vampire And Absoring Their Powers.

About The DaughtersEdit

The First Daughter Moka Was Born She Was On The Verge Death At Birth So Akash Gave Moka As Much Blood She Could To Revive Her & Her Father Kaname Gave Her Some Of His Blood To Help Her.At The Age Of Ten Moka Was Get Stronger With her Powers & Her Three Little Sister Were Still Developing Their Powers.


About Daughters & Sons Abilities & Weapons Edit

All The Daughters Have Abilities But Sons Abilities And Weapons Are Limited Somes Sons Have Abilities And Some Don't There are Few Sons Who Don't Have Powers.
  • Daughters Weapons & Abilities
  • The Sons Abilities & Weapons
  • Some Daughters

About The Awanking Of The Daughters Edit

All Of The Daughters Were Sealed And Put Into In The Human World To Live With Humans So The Daughters Go Live Normal Human Life's Akasha Want The Girls To live Happy Life's With Human.Intill All of The Daughters Meet In One Place At A School Called Yokai Academy A Place For Monsters Akasha Sent Her Daughter There To Learn How To Coexist With humans But The School Barrier Started To Break Because Of The Monster Energy In The Barrier The Teachers Thought If The Barrier Broke Then The Human World Would Go Into

Khaos So Moka And Tsukune And The Other Daughters Went Were The Rosary Cross Barrier Is The Rosary Had Broke So Tsukune Pulled Of Moka's Rosary And She Put It In Place Of The Broken One She Went Into Her Real Form That Akasha Sealed The The Rosary Cross But This Time All Of The Girls Went Back To There Original Forms & Got There Memory's Back From The past.
  • Moka's Awakening
  • Moka's Shinso Power As Child
  • Moka's Awanking Beam From Her Rosary
  • Moka With Her Rosary And Listening To Her Mother Tell Her That Her Sister Are Sealed With Her Vampire Powers
  • Moka's Kicking Akua

Powers Of DaughtersEdit

Vampirism:When Moka Takes Of Her Rosary She Becomes Faster & She And The Other Sister Are Willing To Fight Mostly Moka Knocks Out Monsters With One Kick.

Yōki Detection:Moka & Her Sisters & Brothers Are Able To Detect Other Monster In There Unleashed State & They Can Send A Pulse If There Own.

Immense Strength:As Vampires Moka & Sisters,Brothers Are Extremely Strong.Moka Kicks Are So Strong She Sends Her Enemies Flying She Is Rook Because Of Her Hand to Hand Combat.

Immense Speed:Moka & Her Sister Can Accelerate To High Speed Like Her Pandora Sisters Satellizer & The Others Can Use Accelerates & Illusion Turn To Move Fast.

Immense Durability:Moka & The Sisters Tissues Are Stronger than their Brothers and their able to Handle Strong Attacks From Opponents.

Enhanced Reflexes:The Daughters & The Sons Reflexes are like humans but they Can Move Fast To Hit A Opponent and The Enemy Never Notice Them.

Immense Demonic Aura:The Daughters Activate Their Shinso Blood Thier People Describe It As Darkness Deeper Than Night And Their Aura Is More Than Regular Vampires.

Flight:Now Fully Shinso Vampires The Sons and Daughters Can Grow Bat Wings Or Wings All Together.