Name:Satellizer Akashiya kuran


Birth name:Satellizer Akashiya kuran francoise de blanc de la valliere von phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke

Sobriquet:The Untouchable Queen



Race:Pandora,Shinso Vampire, Sekirei, Pureblood

Hair color:Blonde

Eye color:Blue

Volt Weapon:Nova Blood

Heroic Stigmata#:6

Heroic Stigmata Compatibility:(6;5% Compatibility)


Affiliation:The Royal Family,Gremory Clan,Phenex Clan,Moon Kingdom,West Genetics

Relatives:Kaname Kuran (Father) Akasha Bloodriver (Biological True Mother) Mikumo Akashiya kuran (Younger Sister) Violet Akashiya kuran (Older Sister) Chifuyu Akashiya kuran (Older Sister) Noelle Alongrutch Bloodriver (Biological Human Mother) Aine Akashiya kuran (Sister) Tsubasa Akashiya kuran (Younger Sister)

  • Princess Satellizer
  • Satellizer in Nova Form
  • Satellizer Saving Kazuya
  • Satellizer gets cut in half
  • Satellizer's Finishing blow on the N2 Nova
  • Transcendent Accel Charge
  • Satella With Her Transcendent Wings
  • Satellizer Regenerating her self
  • Satella as a First Year
  • Satella's Nova Strike
  • Satellizer in Nova Form From Kazuha's Ghost
  • Young Princess Satella
  • Satellizer & Rana At The Royal Party at their Castle
  • Young Princess Satellizer as Junior in East Genetics

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