The Rosary Was A equipment made of moka by akasha to seal moka's real personality so She Could Live With Human Like A Normal Human Girl.
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About The RosaryEdit

The Rosary Was Made Just For Moka So When Akasha Seal Moka Away She Would Be Save Sleeping With The Fake Personality Protecting Her.

About The Fake PersonalityEdit

The Fake Personality It Actually A Clone Of Akasha Who Erased Her Memories And Was Placed As The Fake Personality to Protect Moka.

  • Akasha Explaining The Fake Personality
  • Outer Moka

Who Made It?Edit

Akasha Is The One Who Made The Rosary She Made The Rosary For Moka To Live As A Human Girl She Wanted Moka To Be Happy She Wanted To Coexist With Humans Along With Her Daughter.