Pandora Mode (パンドラモード, Pandora Mōdo) is a special power-up that allows a Pandora to move more freely in a Freezing area without a Limter. It also grants the Pandora an extra boost of power. While Pandora Mode is being tested, using it may give the user after-effects.



In the manga, Pandora entering Pandora Mode gain a black powered armour suit. These suits are hard to replace once they are broken, as they are still in testing, thus leaving this version of Pandora Mode as a last resort. These suits last 3 minutes; any longer than that increases the after-effects and increasing the chance of Nova-lization.Later on in the manga, a new type of Pandora Mode is shown, called Vital Signal Type Pandora Mode. Instead of fully body armour, holographic rings appear on the user's ankles and wrists. This new Pandora Mode is first shown by Charles BonaparteShe claims that this new Pandora Mode was given to top-ranked
Pandora mode

Pandora mode in the manga

Pandora around the world.


In the anime, Pandora Mode is portrayed as a powered-up version of a Pandora with physical changes, rather than an armoured form. In this version of Pandora Mode, the Pandora's hair changes from their natural colour to white, their eyes turn yellow, and their body glows with a white aura. Blue rings form on the ankles and wrists .
  • Ingrid in pandora mode in the anime
  • Satellizer in pandora mode
  • Pandora mode in the manga
  • Chiffon in pandora mode
  • Ganessa in pandora mode


In Pandora Mode, Pandora gain an increase in power and speed, as well as having the ability to move freely in her opponents' Freezing area without aid from her Limiter. The Pandora's Volt Weapon also gains a noticeable upgrade, turning it into a Nova Weapon (ノヴァウェポン Nova Weapon).Despite its advantages, the downside of Pandora Mode is that it can only be maintained it for three minutes and once the time limit is over, the Pandora will return to a severely weakened state, which leaves her vulnerable to attacks. Another downside of Pandora Mode is that it can easily be disabled by a powerful Freezing field, as with the case with Kazuya when he used his enhanced Freezing on ingrid.

The New Pandora Mode, which has a close resemblance to the anime version of the old Pandora Mode, is more advanced. Although nothing is specified about the side effects of its usage, it is clear that the capabilities of the new version have been greatly enhanced with more than twice the operation time (from 3 to 6.30 minutes) and a barrier to defend against all but the strongest of attacks. While in this New Mode Charles was able to defend against Elizabeth's laser beams without effort.

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