Pandora-Type Nova

  • Teslad and windy may in pandora type nova
  • Cassandra in pandora type nova mode
  • Maria Lancelot in anti nova form with Pandora type nova eyes
  • Chiffon in anti nova with eyes of pandora type nova
  • Cassandra in pandora type nova form calling other pandora type nova

A Pandora-Type Nova. The Pandora-Type was the Unknown-Type Nova Commander, which was controlling the Humanoid-Type during the 12th Nova Clash. The Chevalier have given it the code "N3", and they are roughly the same size as an average Pandora.

This Nova has proven to be the most powerful so far, able to generate a powerful blast of invisible energy with a wave of its hand as well as generate an invisible barrier that could defend against even Transcendent Pandora. This Nova could resist Freezing fields and deploy an absolutely silent variation of the Illusion Turn. However, its most sinister ability of all is an advanced form of Assimilation. Instead of absorbing Pandoras into its body, it can generate the same effect by simply inserting its fingers into any of its victims' orifices. Said victims are then brainwashed, forcibly transcended, and turned against their allies. Even worse, the Novalized victims' body becomes hollow, just like its new master.

During the Busters Arc, Cassandra, Windy May and Teslad begin to regress into N3 Nova, and Windy May demonstrated that her Freezing field can Novalize Pandora. Cassandra then acted as a beacon and summoned five more N3 Nova to Gengo's base.

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