akasha and her sibling are the first generation before they were born her ancestores where the real first generation then when the girls where born and they where with akasha and kaname the girls where the hunderth generation of both family's bloodriver and kuran's they all are generation .
  • akasha bloodriver of the first generation
  • second sister of the first generation
  • thrid sister of the first generation
  • the fourth daughter of the first generation

The bloodriver generationEdit

In the bloodriver family they are part samurai's theyare call master samurai's akasha has six daughter with the power of a master samurai and the reason why the daughters have go power and speed and other power is because the girls have part samurai and master samurai that's why they have so much power.akasha is a samurai but she is a vampire but when she transform's she is totaly a different person she is stronger than ever that were some of the daughter get there split presonlaity from and the only a hand full can be in her famliy.

The kuran generationEdit

The kuran's are part warrior and ninija the ancesters of  the kuran have powerful power the daughter have the powers of tne ancesters the second daughter yuno his the number one assassin of her family and the leader of assassin group her sister have her power but the strongest is moka because she was the first born her sister moka is warrior and a ninija because her power is two strong.