Name:Moka Akashiya kuran

IMG 5931

Birth Name:Moka Akashiya kuran francosie de blanc de la valliere Von Phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke


Hair Color:Silver With Pink Tips

Eye Color:Red


Equipment:Rosario Cross

Race:Shinso Vampire,Sekirei,Pureblood


Affiliation:The Royal Family (Heiress),Millennial Princess Academy

Relatives:Kaname Kuran (Father) Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Ai Kuran (Half Sister) Ren Kiryu (Half Brother/Cousin) Lucy Akashiya kuran (Sister) Koneko akashiya kuran (Younger Sister) Enju Akashiya kuran (Younger Sister) Rias Akashiya kuran (Sister) Yuno Akashiya kuran (Sister) Suna Akashiya kuran (Sister) Miyuri (Niece) Alas=Ramus (Niece) Tsubasa Akashiya kuran

  • Young Moka
  • Moka Alternate Personality
  • Moka Attacks Akua
  • Moka Overwhelming Power (as a Child)
  • Moka Awakening her Shinso Power
  • Moka as a Baby
  • Moka now a Fully Blood Shinso Vampire
  • Akasha Sealing Moka as a Kid
  • Moka Awakening her Rosary
  • Moka Back to her Original Form
  • Akasha Holding Baby Moka
  • Akasha Trying to save Moka on the Verge of Death
  • Moka Transformation
  • Akasha & Moka Motherly Love
  • Moka Transforming Back to Her Vampire Form
  • Imperial Princess Moka

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