neogenes are genetically predisposed humans created to wield cloneblade and were given the cloneblade sister .once they completed training the neogene equipped with a cloneblade all had presonlized armor with wielded either an extendable wepon or a unique blade.

how the neogenes were madeEdit

the neogenes were created using genetics of tatsuoki furumizu and either a superior female speicmen or a previous generation neogenes.neogenes are born in the same generations themselves" sisters".several of the first generation sisters are mothers the second reina soho is maria's mother.they were created for the sole purpose to give furumizu the perfect mother so he can be reborn as a prefeted human.
  • reina is cloneblade sister second
  • nora is the three cloneblade
  • shiroi is the foruth cloneblade


clonebldes are braclets that look like the witchblade it self it hasthe same power as the witchblade but it's just a fake and made and including the cloneblade sisters have the braclet it is sliver and blue in the center of the braclet like reina,nora,shiori. akasha is the couisn of the first generations sisters and she has a daughter named masaneshe has the legnder witchblade and she has all the same blood as all the other sisters. aoi and maria have a cloneblade and they are akasha's nieces and akasha has battled the cloneblades sister next generation  and won because has the strongest blood runing trow her vans and when she transfors into her monster form she is part cloneblade because her mother was a vampire and had a cloneblade and she was strong when her cloneblade startes to brack  they the person shaders but sara was able to regan her form.
  • the cloneblade in the hand form
  • the cloneblades bracelet form
  • reina's cloneblade form
  • nora's cloneblade form
  • shiori's cloneblade form
  • mansane daughter of akasha bloodriver
  • the witchblade bracelet
  • masane's first and second forms

dual clonebladeEdit

they later researched led to the creation of much stronger dual cloneblades:two cloneblade being wielded at  once by the same person.known the dual cloneblade sisters,from the second generation only, include maria,aoi and asagi.a human equipped with a dual cloneblade bears ornate sliver bracletes with purple jewels on both wrists.
  • maria daughter of reina
  • maria's dual cloneblade form
  • aoi daughter of nora
  • aoi's dual cloneblade form
  • asagi dughter of shiori
  • asagi's dual cloneblade form