The Moon Kingdom Was A Kingdom Made By Akasha For Her Daughters Live Along With Other Vampires Such As Their Cousins & Friends And Their Loved Ones.

The History Edit

Akasha Wanted A Place Were Her Children Would Be Safe So her Sister Queen Serenity Ask Akasha To Live With Her In The Moon Palace And To Bring Kaname.After Some Months Past Akasha Started A Family Of 4 Daughter Then Akasha Started Expanding Her Family And a For The First Time Akasha.

Mallagen Venus

The castle of Venus


The Moon Kingdom

  • Queen serenity in her regular form
  • Queen serenity in her vampire form

The Birth Edit

Akasha gave birth to her daughter Moka the first princess of the moon after she had Moka she had yuno the second princess of the moon Moka is the heir to the moon kingdom after she had kanade ,yuri,iwasawa,yui,elda,freya... Then she had Serena aka serenity Serena is named after her aunt queen serenity her name is princess serenity.
Crystal r

Serenity look at the big crystal of her home

Crystal Tokyo Edit

Crystal Tokyo is the future home of the sister and the misaka clones the queen of crystal Tokyo is princess serenity aka Serena the future Serena in named neo queen serenity and her daughter chibiusa how go's by four names small lady,princess small lady serenity,princess usagi small lady serenity and sailor chibi moon Serena .

Crystal Tokyo

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