Millennial Princess Academy is an Academy for Nobles,Princesses & High (Rich) States,Almost the whole The Millennial Empire of Girls Attend this academy.The reason for this Academy is to help girls become Respectable Princesses & Heirs to their families Estates or Kingdoms.
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Millennial Princess Academy

About Millennial Princess Academy Edit

The Academy doesn’t really have a history,The current Empiress Akasha wanted to coexistence of Vampires & Humans together but also help girls Become good influence on their Families so even human girls princesses & Nobles are aloud here in this academy of Millennium.

The Classes in the AcademyEdit

The Academy starts from Elementary School to College all the students are in one big building but is separated into four different areas for each year of students.For the uniforms are different too depending on the year of the student and each years of students have to wear a graduation dress to for each grade.

  • Elementary
  • Junior High
  • High school
  • College

Student Council Edit

The Student council consists of the imperial daughters and they work to help their mom and the students and make sure everything is in order the council has a total of 13 members and below them are the Princess Council presidents where they talk about each of the four sections.