Name:Megumi Akashiya kuran


Birth Name:Megumi Akashiya kuran francoise de blanc de la valliere von phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke


Hair Color:Pink

Eye Color:Pink

Birthday:August 25

Occupation:Princess,Student (Formerly)

Affiliations:Phenex Clan,The Royal Family,Moon Kingdom


Race:Shiki,Shinso Vampire,Sekirei,Pureblood

Relatives:Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Kaname Kuran (Father) Sunako Akashiya kuran (sister) Moka Akashiya kuran (sister) Windy Akashiya kuran (sister)

  • megumi about to kill mr.tatnaka
  • megumi being sad after yuuki"s death and never seeing him a again
  • dead form after being beatin by the kiraishiki mother her sister fake mother chizuru
  • when alive look at the new house in the sotoba village where she was bitten by chizuru kirishiki

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