The Legendary pandora or lab 13 Girls were originally five girls created from Maria Lancelot's DNA:Cassandra,Teslad,Windy May,Lucy Renault and Chiffon Fairchild  over 40 years before the main storyline. They were created by Gengo Aoi.
The LP

Legendary Pandora


They are the original prototypes of the Pandora  soldiers created in 2022.Gengo Aoi describes them as clones of Maria Lancelot he created from her genes. Although they are "100 times" stronger than the average Pandora in modern times, their bodies were unstable due to their massive strength and as a result had to be sealed away in suspended animation to prevent their deaths. Their bodies are composed of over 80% Stigmatic tissue. Aside from Chiffon Fairchild,all Legendary Pandora have displayed holographic constructs bearing numbers. These constructs appear when the Legendary Pandora fight seriously, and their purpose is unknown. Three of the five sisters have also displayed an advanced healing ability that is capable of rapid regeneration. The ability manifests as numerous white lights that active upon contact with an individual's stigmata. Both Pandoras and Limiters can be healed by this ability.

List of Legendary PandoraEdit

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