Lab 13 is the illustrious facility where the Legendary Pandora were created. It was founded and is still being run by Dr.Gengo Aoi


The Girls of Lab 13


There isn't much information about Lab 13. After its foundation, many researchers came to join the project, including Dr.  in the year 2053, who personally oversaw the training of Gengo's child, Kazuha. The project included the "Legendary Pandora", which are several hundred times stronger than ordinary Pandora, in this laboratory 5 sisters Cassandra,Teslad,Windy May,Lucy Renault and Chiffon Fairchild were created from Maria Lancelot's DNA.Ryuuichi Aoi , the father of Kazuha and Kazuya was also most likely created in this facility.

The Legendary PandoraEdit

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