Name:Krul Akashiya kuran

Krul 1

Krul Tepes

Birth Name:Krul Akashiya kuran françoise de blanc de la valliere Von Phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke

Age:Older than 2000 Years Old

Hair Color:Pink

Eye Color:Red


Rank:Third Progenitor,Queen Of Japen

Race:Shinso Vampire,Sekirei,Pureblood

Relatives:Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Kaname Kuran (Father) Asuramaru (Brother) Mina Akashiya kuran (Sister) Mitsuki Kuran (Brother) Etzali Kuran (Brother) Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Younger Brother)

  • Queen Of Japan Krul Tepes
  • Krul's First Appearance In Japan
  • Krul's Speed
  • Krul Cuts Down One Of The Building Tower Stands
  • Krul Cuts Off Ferids Arm
  • Krul Mad
  • Krul Gives Mika Some Of Her Blood To Save Mikaela
  • Krul Leting Mikaela Drink Her Blood
  • Krul Huging Mikaela
  • Krul On Her Throne
  • Krul On Her Throne Close Up
  • Krul Close Up
  • Krul Leting Mika Drink Her Blood In Anime
  • Krul Giving Mikaela Blood To Survive From Death Anime
  • Krul Leting Mikaela Drink her Blood From Her Neck
  • Krul Super Speed
  • Krul Comanding The Vampires To Stop
  • Krul Telling The Vampires Mikaela Belongs To Her
  • Krul In Manga On Her Throne
  • Krul Comes Down To See Mikaela
  • Krul Gets Visited By Mahiru
  • Krul The Vampire Queen
  • Krul Dancing
  • Krul Standing Over Ferid
  • Krul Tepes

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