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Name:Kazuha Akashiya kuran

Kazuha aoi

Birth Name:Kazuha Akashiya kuran Françoise de blanc de la valliere Von Phoenix gremory Sonozaki Deviluke


Hair Color:Dark Blue

Eye Color:Yellowish

Sobriquet:Hero of the 8th Nova Clash

Volt Weapon:Nova Blood

Stigmata Body%:12 %

Stigmata #:20 (Legendary Pandora Mini Stigmata) 6 Stigmata (At Age 6)

Race:Stigmata Body,Shinso Vampire, Sekirei, Pureblood


Relatives:Kaname Kuran (Father) Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Kazuya Aoi (Brother) Cassandra Akashiya kuran (Sister) Satellizer Akashiya kuran (Sister) Cassie Akashiya kuran (Sister) Julia Akashiya kuran (Sister) Charles Akashiya kuran (Sister) Roxanne Akashiya kuran (Sister)

  • Young Princess Kazuha
  • Kazuha and Maria
  • Kazuha running up the Tree
  • Kazuha jumps down
  • Kazuha Rising Kazuya
  • Kazuha drinking tea
  • Kazuha making lunch for Kazuya
  • Kazuha patting Young Ouka's Head
  • Kazuha saying thank you to Satellizer (In Ghost Form)

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