Name:Karen Akashiya kuran


Birth Name:Karen Akashiya kuran françoise de blanc de la valliere Von Phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke


Hair Color:Ginger

Eye Color:Orange


Race:Shinso Vampire, Sekirei, Pureblood

Relatives:Kaname Kuran (Father) Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Karin Akashiya kuran (sister) Sachiko Akashiya kuran (Sister) Kanade Akashiya KuraN (sister) Eva-Beatrice Akashiya kuran (sister)

  • Karen Wedding Dress
  • Karen Soirée Dress
  • Karen Princess Dress
  • Karen Coordination Dress
  • Karen Pureblood Outfit
  • Karen Sekirei Outfit
  • Karen Ball Dress

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