Name:Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to hand combat

Type:Technique (Hereditary,Teached)

Wielder(S):Akasha Bloodriver,Moka Akashiya kuran,Rana Akashiya kuran,Enju Akashiya kuran,Joan Akashiya kuran,Koneko akashiya kuran,Natsuhi Akashiya kuran,Rook's

  • Akasha Avoiding Attacks
  • Moka kicks Akua as A kid
  • Akasha Kick
  • Seira Kicks
  • Natsuhi Showing Hand to Hand Combat in Human Form
  • Akasha Speed Kick
  • Enju Kick From Above
  • Ayaka vs Natsuhi Hand to Hand
  • Ayaka Hand to Hand Combat Avoiding

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