Name:Elizabeth Akashiya kuran


Birth Name:Elizabeth Akashiya kuran francoise de blanc de la valliere von phoenix gremory sonozaki deviluke

Sobriquet:Academy Reigning Enforcer,The Empress


Hair Color:Blonde

Eye Color:Brown


Race:Shinso Vampire,Sekirei,Pureblood


Affiliations:Gremory Clan,Phenex Clan,West Genetics,The Royal Family




Volt Weapon:SSS Asymmetrical Strafing

Relatives:Lady Akasha Bloodriver (Mother) Lord Kaname Kuran (Father) André Françoise (Limiter/Husband) Rias Akashiya kuran (Sister) Akeno Akashiya kuran (Sister) Mikumo Akashiya kuran (Sister) Shūsei Kuran (Brother) Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Older Brother) Seira Akashiya kuran (Sister) Ai Kuran (Half Sister) Ren Kiryu (Half Brother/Cousin) Arnett Akashiya kuran (Sister) Satellizer Akashiya kuran (Sister) Rana Akashiya kuran (Sister) Chiffon Akashiya kuran (Sister) Shu Sakamaki (Cousin/Adoptive Brother)

  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth & Amelia Together
  • Elizabeth Tells Amelia That they're Sisters
  • Elizabeth & Amelia Hug
  • Elizabeth In Human Form
  • Elizabeth Transcendent Wings
  • Elizabeth Shock Device Attack
  • Elizabeth's Volt Texture Dress
  • Elizabeth Attacks Nova Pandora
  • Elizabeth The Empress
  • Elizabeth's Stigmata Barrier
  • Amelia Come To see Her sister Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth and Amelia Crying together
  • Elizabeth Gets Slap
  • Elizabeth Showing herself to be a true member of the Gremory Clan
  • Elizabeth Volt Weapon (Stigma Satellite System)
  • A True Member of The Phenex Clan Elizabeth
  • Young Princess Elizabeth
  • Junior Pandora Princess Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth Comes to Help
  • Elizabeth Pandora Queen
  • Elizabeth Regular Dress Around the Castle
  • Elizabeth in her swimsuit
  • Elizabeth Alaska Uniform
  • Elizabeth First Appearance
  • Princess Eli Soirée Dress
  • Eli Nervous after She finds out that she is a Princess
  • Princess Eli after her slumber
  • Elizabeth Researching Work
  • Eli Arrives To Help Her Sister Arnett

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