The first daughter that was born was Moka Akashiya kuran Moka a shinso vampire and a sekirei and pureblood she was born with three different blood mixed and it was called SVSP it states for shinso vampire,sekirei,pureblood or for short SVSP.


Clone Sisters Edit

The clone sisters are clones of Misaka Akashiya kuran also called the original the Sisters Akashiya kuran are clones made from Misaka's jeans they are at least a level 1-3 there ability name is Radio Nosie.The Network is from a clone of Misaka when she was little so the network runs through her also called last older.

Pandora Vampires Edit

Pandora vampires are girl that had been inplanted with Stigmata and are vampires like Satellizer Akashiya kuran is a pandora and a vampire.the lady that made the pandora was the grandmother of Akasha Bloodriver was Maria Lancelot also called mother of all pandora.
Pandora Daughter


Ultimate Form Edit

The ultimate form is made when the daughters power has increased to its pasts limits there called ultimate vampires only the Bloodriver family has this powerful power sometimes it can go out of control if pushed over high limits.

Two New Siblings Edit

The two siblings are long lost stepsister and there cousin/brother in law/adoptive son/brother there brother and sister are Eren Yeager and Ai Kuran.

The 30th Century Edit

In the 30th century Neo Queen Serenity is the ruler of Crystal Tokyo had some of her sister or most of them help and live with her.Mina Akashiya kuran her sister is a ruler in the 30th century she rules The Bund.The bund is made for vampire they she is the vampire ruler and she goes by the name Mina Tepes.In the 30th century century family Bloodriver kuran famliy when you become a adult you go by your human world name you have so you can help rule the vampire world because people want to kill people of the Bloodriver kuran family daughters.

Pandora Mode FormEdit

Pandora mode is from pandora vampire .the pandora mode is use to move when the pandora's limiter is out it helps the pandora move throw a freezing area and the most power pandora with the ability to use pandora mode is the Bloodriver family.

Pandora Mode

Pandora Mode

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