The Daughters are children of Akasha Bloodriver & Kaname Kuran who are from the Empire of Millennium.The Very first born daughter is Moka Akashiya kuran She is Oldest of all the biological daughters while her older sister Ai Kuran is the oldest of all the daughter including moka but since she is half sister because all the Daughters share thesame father but different mothers so she called the second first imperial princess.



The 6 Oldest Daughters Edit

The 5 oldest daughter are the first 5 imperial princesses of the all the daughters that includes their Half sister Ai Kuran she was add to the list of the 5 oldest daughters so it's called the 6 oldest daughters.These girls have most responability and as the two first oldest Moka & Ai are next in line to become the next empress of the Empire of Millennium.

Pandora VampiresEdit

Pnadora Vampires are Vampire girls who have been implated with Sigmata & are Vampires most are know to be princesses from the Empire of Millennium who have been sent to japan to learn and skill their powers and become good influencs on their Country.Kazuha Akashiya kuran is A Pandora & Imperial Princess of the Empire of Millennium she was named the Hero of the 8th Nova Class and she inspired her people,Humans and her sister to become pandora.

Pandora Daughter


Ultimate Form Edit

The ultimate form is made when the daughters power has increased to its pasts limits there called ultimate vampires only the Bloodriver family has this powerful power sometimes it can go out of control if pushed over high limits.

Two New-Half Siblings Edit

The Empire of Millennium got two new siblings,Princess Ai Kuran she is the Daughter of the empires Emperor Kaname Kuran and Pureblood Princess Yuki Kuran and her Younger brother Prince Ren Kiryu;he and Ai have the same mother but different fathers but akasha thought it would be a good idea if the they join The Royal Family so now they live in the Millennial Empire with the rest of their Brothers and Sisters so Now They are considerd Members of the Royal Family.

  • 1st (Second) Imperial Princess Ai Kuran

The 30th Century Edit

In the 30th century Neo Queen Serenity is the ruler of Crystal Tokyo had some of her sister or most of them help and live with her.Mina Akashiya kuran her sister is a ruler in the 30th century she rules The Bund.The bund is made for vampire they she is the vampire ruler and she goes by the name Mina Tepes.In the 30th century century family Bloodriver kuran famliy when you become a adult you go by your human world name you have so you can help rule the vampire world because people want to kill people of the Bloodriver kuran family daughters.

Pandora Mode FormEdit

Pandora mode is from pandora vampire .the pandora mode is use to move when the pandora's limiter is out it helps the pandora move throw a freezing area and the most power pandora with the ability to use pandora mode is the Bloodriver family.

Pandora Mode

Pandora Mode