Name:Chibiusa Tsukino


Full Name:Usagi Small Lady Serenity

Age:900+ 7-9

Hair Color:Pink

Eye Color:Red

Race:Evolved Superhuman,Shinso Vampire,Pureblood

Occuption:Student,Crown Princess of Earth

Resides In:Crystal Tokyo (In 30th Century) Kanaemasa (In Present Century)

Clan:Gremory Clan & Phenex Clan

Title:Princess Of The Earth

Princess Titles:Small Lady,Usagi Small Lady Serenity

Sailor Name:Sailor Chibi Moon

Relatives:Neo Queen Serenity\Serenity Akashiya kuran (Mother) King Endymion (Father) Rias Gremory\Rias Akashiya kuran (Aunt) Kousagi Tsukino (Younger Sister Only In Parallel Moon)

  • Sailor chibi moon
  • Small lady
  • Small lady serenity
  • Princess small lady serenity
  • Chibiusa in her flower girl dress
  • Princess small lady

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