Serena/Serenity Akashiya kuran (Princess of Moon)
Princess moon

Princess of the Moon

Chibiusa Tsukino (Princess of moon/earth 30th century)
Kousagi Tsukino (princess of 30th century moon/earth)

Ami aido (Princess of Mercury)

Mercury Princess

Princess Mercury

Rei Kain (Princess of Mars)

Mars princess

Princess Mars

Makoto shiki (Princess of Jupiter)

Jupiter Princess

Princess Jupiter

Minako shirbuki (Princess of Venus)

Venus princess

Princess Veuns

Haruka Ichijo (Princess of Urauns)

Haruka 2

Michiru kurenai (Princess of Neptune)

Neptune 4

Setsuna Hio (Princess of Pluto)

Pluto 3

Hotaru Tomoe (Princess of Saturn)


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