Koneko akashiya kuran Rook/Leader
Rossweisse Akashiya kuran Valkyrie/Second Leader in Command
Enju Akashiya kuran Rook/Co-Leader
Kuro Akashiya kuran Hand To Hand Combat
Aine Akashiya kuran Heart Hybrid Gear
Joan Akashiya kuran Pandora
Luna Akashiya kuran Pandora
Morgiana Akashiya kuran Hand To Hand Combat
Musubi Akashiya kuran Hand To Hand Combat
Petty Akashiya kuran Pandora
Rana Akashiya kuran Pandora
Teru Kuran Super
Christine Akashiya kuran Valkyrie
Moka Akashiya kuran King\Rook\2nd Leader
Akasha Bloodriver King,Queen,Rook(Mother,Former Leader)

The Rooks

  • Koneko's Strenght
  • Koneko's Kick

Rooks (戦車ルーク, Rūku) are worth 5 Pawns. Rooks gain superhuman strength, leading to high offense and defense. However, they are not very quick, and can get beaten easily by a high-speed opponent. It was mentioned in Volume 2 and shown by Rias in Volume 4 that the King can perform castling with a Rook piece.

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