Akeno Akashiya kuran

Priestess of Thunder & Light

Elizabeth Akashiya kuran The Empress
Yuno Akashiya kuran God of Space & Time
Mio Akashiya kuran Future Demon Lord
Mina Akashiya kuran Queen Of The Vampire Race
Raskreia Akashiya kuran Lord of Nobles
Sunako Akashiya kuran Queen
Kotori Akashiya Kuran Efreet
Krul Akashiya kuran Queen Of Vampires In Japen
Kazuha Akashiya kuran Hero of The 8th Nova Clash
Satellizer Akashiya kuran The Untouchable Queen
Stella Akashiya kuran Crimson Princess
Julis Akashiya kuran Witch of the Resplendent Flames
Mikumo Akashiya kuran Star Singer (Priestess)
, Himejima Akeno


Queens (女王クイーン, Kuīn) are worth 9 Pawns. Queens possess all the characteristics of Rooks, Knights, and Bishops, making them the most balanced piece as well as the most powerful

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