Chiffon Akashiya kuran/Chiffon Aoi
Chiffon in c
The Unmached Smiling Monster Rank 1#
Roxanne Akashiya kuran/Roxanne Elipton
Roxanne Elipton
The Immortal  Rank 1# / Pre Death In Human World Chiffon .Rank 2#
Julia Akashiya kuran/Julia Munberk
Julia Munberk 2
The Maverick Rank 2/Pre Death In Human World Chiffon. Rank 3#
Charles Akashiya kuran
Charles 1
/Charles Bonaparte
The Young Tempest Phoenix Rank 3/Pre Death In Human World Chiffon .Rank 4
Cassie Akashiya kuran/Cassie Lockheart
Cassie Lockheart
God Speed Of The East Rank 4 Pre Death In Human World Chiffon .Rank 5

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