Sephie Michaela Deviluke Older Sister (Queen of Deviluke)
Akasha Bloodriver 2nd Older Sister
Astrea Vermillion Queen of Vermilion Kingdom
Venelana Gremory (Bloodriver) Brunette Madam of Extinction
Irene Belserion Queen of Dragnof
Alicia Bloodriver (Sora) Sister
Almeia Bloodriver Queen (Sister)
Finé Priestess
Jill Commander of Arzenal
Lacie Bloodriver Child of Misfortune
Lamia Dragon
Lucretia Bloodriver Thrid Ruler of Vampire Kingdom
Marianne Bloodriver (Vi Britannia) Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire
Miya Shiba (Bloodriver) Mistress of Lethe
Maya Yotsuba Queen of Night
Shuri Himejima Priestess Himejima Clan

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