Name:Cassie akashiya kuran
Lock heart


Sobriquet:Godspeed Of The East

Hair Color:Green

Eye Color:Brown

Race:Shinso vampire,sekirei,pureblood,pandora


Volt Weapon:Falchion

Heroic Stigmata#:3 (6 Only In The Anime)

Affiliations:Crowned Princess Of The Bloodriver and Kuran Family, The Royal Family


Heroic Stigmata Compatibility:(3;90% Compatibility)

Relatives:Akasha Bloodriver (mother) Kaname Kuran (father) Ticy Akashiya kuran (sister) Arnett Akashiya kuran (sister) Elizabeth Akashiya kuran (sister) Makoto Minase (son) Kyoichi Minase (Husband) Satellizer Akashiya kuran (sister) Kazuha Akashiya kuran (sister) Kazuya Aoi (Brother)

  • Princess Cassie
  • Young Princess Cassie
  • Cassie In Nova Form
  • Cassie's Nova Beam
  • Cassie's Powers
  • Cassie's Quadruple Accel
  • Cassie and Satellizer Clash
  • Cassie Know As The New Person Who Will Change Pandora Forever
  • Cassie Hearing Pandora Saying That They Can't Get Closet To Her For Her Being As Princess & A Talented Pandora
  • Princess Cassie Versus Three Unnamed Pandora
  • Princess Cassie Smiling
  • Cassie Welcomes Her Two Sisters Satellizer & Rana Home The Mansion/Castle

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