When the first daughter was born Moka she was on the verge of death to save Moka Akasha gave her a transfusion as much of her blood as possible to revive her.
Akasha Revive

Akasha Reviving Moka

Power of the DaughtersEdit

Each daughter has there own power that is unique to them for Example Miyuki Akashiya Kuran she has the magical power the make ice and you magic like her brother Tatsuya Kuran but he more magic ability to use and he came bring back the dead. Another Example is Arisa Akashiya kuran as known in the human world as Arisa Meigo the singer she as the power to sing and make Miracles also know to the humans as The Miracle of Endymion.

Legendary Pandora BirthsEdit

when most of the daughters were born akasha & kaname made a decision to make 5 daughter from there genes they were created 40 years go and they are 100 times stronger than there regular Pandora sister. when the Cassandra Aoi,Teslad Aoi,Windy May Aoi they were put in a Incubater in there sleeping status.Lucy Renault,Chiffon Fairchild they weren't given the power to heal people and to Regeneration but unlike Chiffon Fairchild they weren't able to synchronize with the Stigmata because of there massive Bodies.There bodies were composed 80% stigmata.
  • the slumber camber for the legendary pandora
  • the birth of legenadry pandora 05 aka chiffon Akashiya

Esper Daughters & Sons BirthsEdit

All of the daughters & sons had enrolled in a program the are called espers most of the sons & daughters got in the program after their parents sealed their powers and made them and gave them to their aunts who are their (human parents). The Program was made to cut out espers regular realty and they can make personal realty and with drugs and science they start to form and they start to get up the levels.

Demon Lord DaughterEdit

Mio Akashiya kuran Is Kaname and Akasha daughter and one of the heir's or Rulers to Their Kingdoms in the family.Mio is the next demon lord in the demon relam when she was born mio inherited a large yet power abilities and she hasn't awakened yet so her powers are not as good right now.

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