Akasha bloodriver by darksoulmanga-d2xxfhm

Name:Akasha Bloodriver


Hair Color:Pink

Eye Color:Green

Race:Shinso Vampire

Technique:Martial Arts

Occupation:Empress of Millennum 

Affiliation:Thrity Four Dark lords (Leader)

Sekirei:no.01 (Formerly)

Relatives:Hilda Spencer (mother) Marks Spencer (father) Lucretia Bloodriver (sister) Noelle Alongrutch Bloodriver (sister) Unnamed Daughter (Granddaughter) Kaname Kuran (husband)Misaka Akashiya kuran (sister) Eren Yeager (adoptive son,nephew,son in law) Cassandra Akashiya kuran (daughter) Teslad Akashiya kuran (daughter) Windy Akashiya kuran (daughter) Ai Kuran (Step-Daughter) Ryuuichi Aoi (Real Son) Accelerator (Real Son) Satsuki Sakurada (Sister) Shuri Himejima (Sister)

Diclonius Edit

Diclonius is a virus that born in the stomach of the mother carrying the baby.While kaede indeed was the first Diclonius baby akasha gave birth to so that make kaede the queen of the Diclonius.Akasha was the source of mutation the birth of the virus with Horns.
Baby lucy

Lucy in the stomach of akasha and showing her horns

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